5 Meditation & Incense Combinations for a Deeper, More Focused Mind

Incense is a wonderful addition to any meditation practice. It can be used to clear the mind before practice begins, or to add a musical accompaniment that heightens your meditation session. But how do you find the right combination? For tips on choosing the right incense and how to integrate it into your meditation practice, people use incense boxes that allow the product to remain safe. We all know how difficult it can be to focus and concentrate on a task.

Sometimes even the smallest distraction can cause us to lose our place and forget what we were working on. This is where the fragrance comes in handy. Sandalwood has been used for centuries as an aromatherapy tool that helps you relax and engage with your surroundings, but did you know that there are many different types of scents out there? If you’re looking for something more specific than just relaxing,

1. Benefits of combining incense with meditation

Incense is a way that you can make your place smell good. It has been used for a long time to make people feel more relaxed and happy. It could be made from different plants, herbs, and flowers. There are many benefits from incense including relief from stress or pain. Incense can be used to help you reap these benefits, including harvests that are successful, harvests that are reliable, good air quality, good digestion health, and the production of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The smell of incense can also make your meditation feel peaceful and calming. For the right incense, you will want to look for Aramid which contains Myristica fragrans (including mint), or carnelian which is an annual plant found in Sardinia called the “mother of the forest”. Solo is a good way to make smoke. Add some other herbs. This smoke will be intense, so put some in a little bit at first. Add something that smells good and tastes good, like rose petals or ylang-ylang or stevia for sweetness.

There are two kinds of incense. Thrilla is cheaper. Rhododendron undulatum has a sweet, spicy smell. You can buy Thermilla for less money, but I like the smell of Rhododendron more because it makes me feel more peaceful and meditative.

 2. The right incense for different types of meditation

Incense can smell different things depending on what type of meditation you want to do. If you are trying to do a guided meditation, use incense that has sandalwood or other floral scents. You could also use incense that smells spicy, grounding, or spicy-mysterious.


Add flowers to your tea to help you meditate.

Spicy incense:

Instead of using peppermint oil, use black peppercorns. Use red Chinese five-spice. Employ caraway seeds. Apply crushed red pepper. Add honey to all of them for a great smell and better taste.

grounding incense:

You do not need to use too many flowers in your incense. You can use ginger, rosemary, and sage. Leave the ‘white stuff (which is not really kids) to the side so it is easier to add into a yoga class.

grounding diffuser:

If you want to use a diffuser that has scents like lavender and orange blossoms, it is good for meditation.

Mysterious incense:

Some diffusers help your mind. They use beans or goat’s milk. You can find a diffuser that has delicate fungus or plant matter. Put some aloe vera on your desk and in a bowl for a break from work.

3. How to choose the right type of incense for your meditation sessions

When you are looking for incense, make sure that it is the right kind for your session. If you want to relax, look for incense that says “relaxing.” If you want to pray or give thanks, look for one with a scent like love, sadness, or gratitude. There are different blends of herbs and spices in this type of incense so all will work well.

How Do I Use My Incense During my Meditation?

Before you start your meditation, take a deep breath through your nose. Hold for 4–8 seconds, then breathe out through your nose. Repeat by taking another deep breath in through the nose. Pause for 2 seconds, and then breathe out again 5–10 times. That is how to end your daily meditation with a calming inhale and exhale sequence 5–10 times. Do this anywhere at home or at your practice.

When your meditation is over, buy an appropriately sized amount of burning sage. It should be marked with the word “smoldering” or “flaming” on the box. It does not matter what color it is. When you are using a burning incense, hang it to catch the scent inside your room and then burn it to cool down the space. Throw away any unused burning incense when you are done with it.

Holding a burning incense keeps six different scents going so that people can get more out of their meditation session.

 4. Incense combinations that are popular with practitioners

  • The most popular incense combinations are easy to remember because they are based on the Five Elements. Each of the five elements has a season associated with it. These are the five elements you should know: Metal Wood Fire Earth Water.

When you want to put your incense in a container, you need to think about what kind of container is best. If you want the effect of the incense to last longer and be stronger, then choose a container that is made out of dried herbs and has a flat top. You can also use an old platter or bowl. However, some bowls and jars have given inconsistent results when burned. They may also produce a bad smell or flavor. In addition, a wide mouth jar might be hard to light which could make it difficult to sit down at the meditation and relax.

 5. Incense combinations that are unique but still effective

 You should try different incense combinations to find what works for you. But it’s helpful to know a few basic things before you try them. Some of the most common combinations include:

Incense is a good way to thank people. It is also a good way to show that you miss someone. Incense can also be a sign of love.

Any mixture of incense, warm milk or water, and herbs is considered Soma. This includes burning incense, pouring warm milk or water over it, or sprinkling herbs on it.

To make incense part of your meditation, do the following:

  • Hold the incense with one hand.
  • Light it.
  • Hang it from a beam or ceiling.

This isn’t new. You set a timer for how long you want to meditate. When the time is up, you light an incense stick and sit quietly while focusing on your breath. This can help you enjoy meditation more even if it doesn’t give you more benefits than regular meditation which comes in custom kraft boxes.


Incense is a great way to make your living space smell good. There are many benefits from burning incense including relief from stress or pain. When you’re looking for the right kind of incense, it’s important to remember that not all types can be used during meditation sessions because each type has a different scent and aroma which may distract some people who want to focus on their breathing and mindfulness exercises. 

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