Low Carb Pasta Noodles – which is your favorite?

Low carb pasta noodles are hot in the marketplace today. But which low carb pasta noodles should you buy? There are so many brands and varieties to choose from, so it can be confusing. Here are our top 9 low carb pasta noodles that we think taste best! These are listed in order of our favorite brands to our least favorite brand of low carb pasta noodles.

1) Shirataki Low Carb Rice & Gluten Free Fettuccine

With just one carb per serving, it’s hard to beat Shirataki Low Carb Rice & Gluten Free Fettuccine. It’s suitable for those who want a pasta alternative that doesn’t contain much in terms of carbs or calories. In addition, it can be cooked in a variety of ways including boiling, poaching and stir-frying. While Shirataki has been around for years, many people still don’t know about it. If you want to make a healthy low-carb meal, consider using these noodles. If you follow a gluten-free diet then these are also great as they contain no gluten at all.

2) Miracle Noodle Organic Gluten Free Angel Hair

While Miracle Noodle’s gluten-free, low carb pasta noodles are more commonly used as an alternative to wheat pastas, they are also popularly used in Asian dishes. The texture of these Miracle Noodle organic gluten free angel hair will feel familiar if you’re accustomed to eating regular pasta. If you aren’t—don’t be afraid! These noodles cook quickly and will dissolve into any dish you pair them with. And unlike other diet foods out there, these noodles won’t make you feel like a vacuum cleaner because they have a zero calorie count and a zero net carb count. Give them a try! You can find them on Amazon here .

3) Miracle Noodle Organic Gluten Free Spaghetti (Curly)

Miracle Noodle’s 100% organic, gluten-free and non-GMO spaghetti has a texture and consistency like regular pasta. It’s delicious and cooks in just three minutes. There are six servings per package and it only takes up to 10g of net carbs, depending on how you cook it. The gluten-free pasta noodles taste great with tomato sauce or other toppings. You can also add vegetables like broccoli or chicken for extra protein. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional pasta, Miracle Noodle spaghetti will be hard to beat.

4) Tinkyada Brown Rice Soba (Gluten Free)

Tinkyada Brown Rice Soba (Gluten Free) is a good pasta for anyone following a gluten-free diet. This brown rice soba noodle has an excellent nutritional profile and cooks in just 5 minutes. Even better, they taste great and work perfectly in soups or stir-fries! Many other brown rice pastas can be mushy or bland; however, Tinkyada’s brown rice soba noodles have a great texture and flavor. The flavor also doesn’t get lost when mixed with other ingredients. These Brown Rice Soba (Gluten Free)are definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for an easy-to-prepare and tasty low carb pasta noodle.

5) Explore Cuisine Gluten Free Spaghetti (Brown Rice Flour)

De Boles uses organic brown rice for its De Boles Gluten Free Macaroni (Organic Brown Rice Macaroni Della Valle … , making it an affordable option for anyone trying to eat gluten-free. It’s made in Italy with all natural ingredients and contains just two grams of carbs per serving. Buy Now: $4.42 on Amazon

6) De Boles Gluten Free Macaroni (Organic Brown Rice Macaroni Della Valle …

De Boles Gluten Free Macaroni (Organic Brown Rice Macaroni Della Valle) – 8 oz. Description: This high quality rice pasta comes in either 2-ounce or 8-ounce packages, and is available at an excellent price. … Simply put it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes and you have a delicious low carb dish that tastes just like regular macaroni. … Low carbohydrate foods are also called low glycemic index foods because they do not raise blood sugar quickly. De Boles organic brown rice macaroni has a Glycemic Index of 58, making it suitable even for diabetics! Just because you’re watching your weight doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself to bland, tasteless food.

7) Banza Chickpea Pasta 8 oz.

Banza Chickpea Pastas are low in calories, carbs and fat. The Banza Chickpeaflour pasta is made from chickpeas and can be used in all of your favorite pasta dishes. It’s gluten-free, GMO-free and has 6 grams of protein per serving. You can serve it with any type of sauce or make a savory meal by using it in place of traditional pasta noodles in pasta recipes. One Banza Chickpeaflour pouch contains about one cup of pasta, which serves two people if paired with a protein and vegetable side dish.

8) Explore Cuisine Gluten Free Penne Rigate (Brown Rice Flour)

De Boles Gluten Free Rotini (Organic Quinoa Semolina Macaroni Della Valle … – Rotini pasta by De Boles is made with 100% organically grown golden quinoa. Each serving contains 19g of protein. It has no gluten and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It does not contain cholesterol and is low in fat. It has a texture similar to regular pasta and can be substituted into any recipe calling for it.

9) De Boles Gluten Free Rotini (Organic Quinoa Semolina Macaroni Della Valle …

De Boles has an array of gluten free pasta that are made with different ingredients. This particular rotini tastes great when paired with meatballs or tomato sauce. The De Boles Gluten Free Rotini are made using organic quinoa semolina, non-GMO corn flour, tapioca starch and potato starch. It also contains xanthan gum for thickness and to keep it from clumping together during cooking, calcium propionate for freshness, and guar gum to help give it its texture. They come in both a 6 oz package or a 16 oz package so you can buy enough for yourself or get enough to share with family members who aren’t following a gluten free diet.

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