Top 11 Creative Packaging Designs for Custom Boxes in 2022

Custom Packaging Boxes are the most important part of daily life. Every product from clothing to toiletries, from food to electronic goods has been packed properly in a box before it reaches the end-user.

The purpose of packaging is to protect an item from damage and give it a better look during transportation. You can use these packages for various products. You will see various types of packages in the market ranging from playing card packaging to food packaging and more.

Today we will say goodbye to 2020 and welcome New Year 2021. We will share some creative custom boxes that were used for different products around the world.

Creative Packaging Design Ideas – 10 Box Designs

1) The Farmery: Creative Food Packaging

The first entry on our list goes to a startup company named as “The Farmery”. You might be thinking that what kind of company it is! It’s a food startup company that manufactures organic farm food. It was started by three Canadian friends who wanted to solve the problem of sustainable food availability & distribution.

The Farmery’s first flagship store is located in Toronto, Canada. The company also delivers its boxes full of farm-fresh foods to several locations all across Ontario on daily basis. The Farmery uses creative custom packaging for delivering their farm-fresh products to their customers. The inspiration behind this concept came from a “Farmhouse Kitchen” which is popular among many Canadians nowadays!

Creative Custom Packaging Design looks great!

2) Lego: Custom LEGO Boxes

When it comes to toys, there are thousands of companies around the world that can be considered as manufacturers or distributors but few are successful enough to create an impression on a child’s mind. So, LEGO is a well-known toy company that has been in this business for a long time. Creative packaging designs help companies to stand out with their products and affect the final buying decision of customers. LEGO boxes are not like other boxes. They are simple, clean, and made up of single colors. But what makes them unique is their custom design which leads people to buy them again and again.

3) Oval Soap: Handmade Boxes

Oval soap Company mostly comes with its handmade soaps wrapped in small round-shaped boxes. These boxes are designed in a way that lets you know what is inside the box before you open it.

This way company successfully wins market trust because every time someone opens their box to use the product, it has a new surprise for them.

4) Creative Business Card Packaging: Fortune Cookie Creative Business Card Packaging:

This is a good idea. You can put your business card in the fortune cookie box when you buy Chinese food. This will help people to remember who you are and what you do.

5) Bubble Wrap Air Bags: 

Bubble wrap airbags are a packaging design idea that is used to give the impression that what is inside this bag needs to be protected from punctures, bumps, and dents. These custom boxes are usually made with small boxes inside. The person who makes them wants to make sure that you have a good experience. They put lots of bubble wrap around the boxes and use tape to make sure they are safe for you to take home.

6) Potato Chips Boxes Designed as Used Tires

Potato chip boxes designed as used tires are a promotional idea for the recycling industry. These custom boxes have recycled materials and give a clear message to people that they can do a lot of creative things with recyclable materials including using them in the form of custom potato chip packaging design.

7) Ragu Pasta Sauce Packaging Design: Smart Ideas from Around the World

Ragu pasta sauce is made by Unilever. If you try this, it will give you the impression that your grandmother makes the sauce. Custom boxes with grandma on them will make people feel happy. They come with a recipe book and other cooking things.

8) Men’s Shaving Kit: Gliding Boxes

Gliding boxes are a box that you can put anything inside of it. You can make them as small or as big as you want them to be. They will fit your product perfectly and will not fall out. Every time someone opens this box, they find a shaving kit nicely arranged inside it. This branding technique makes consumers remember the brand every time it shaves. A nice way to build a strong customer base and relationships!

9) Ice Cream: Plastic Spoons

In the summer, people like to eat ice cream. They can have it any time of day because it is a good snack in the hot weather. The box looks nice with plastic spoons inside and it’s not just for show!

People who buy this kind of box get coupons from the brand and goodies to help them enjoy summer a little more.

10) Custom Packaging: Fashionable Fruits

Custom packaging is not just limited to retail stores and service industries. For example, in the fruit industry, people have been using custom-made boxes. These boxes are attractive because they can be made to look good and these boxes are good for advertising. They can be used as promotional merchandise too.

This is the best box for clothes. The brand made it with a design that is simple, but also really pretty. And it’s not just beautiful – it’s also one of the most innovative boxes for clothes we have seen!

11) Custom Cardboard Tray and Sleeve Boxes:

Custom-made custom sleeve box packaging that makes the most of custom cardboard tray and custom sleeve packaging

In this instance, custom sleeve boxes are custom-fitted to accommodate custom-sized boxes. Therefore, when buying a smartphone from a retail store, you will probably encounter custom-sized boxes in which they come in.

However, what is more interesting about this product is that it has a cardboard tray with one side made from perforated sheets. This way, the person who buys this can remove items without causing too much damage to the item inside.


In conclusion, I will say that you can actually incorporate custom cardboard box printing into your business in order to provide a unique experience for its customers. An excellent way is by designing and making custom printed boxes or customized boxes with creative designs and affordability! 

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