USA Study Guide – Top Tips to Study in the USA

The USA study is at the top of the list of inviting a considerable number of international students. Due to this, the U.S has the world largest population of international students. According to the statistics, in 2020, the number of international students in the U.S was 1,000,000. Yet, the number of international students in the US has continuously increased for the last fifty years to experience USA study. As, in 1948, the number of international students in the US was less than 100000. Hence, there is ten folds increase showing the welcoming nature of the US.

The welcoming nature of the U.S fascinates thousands of students from many countries to plan their studies in the U.S

A Complete Guide To Getting Into A USA Study:

Some steps that can help you in getting admission in the U.S College and University are;

Search List of U.S Universities

If you have decided to get admission to the U.S College and University, then the first thing you need to know is; list of universities offering the subjects of your choice.

  • If you want to apply in Undergraduate program for the business qualification, then search for Undergraduate School.
  • If you have completed your bachelor, then search for Graduate schools.

Find the Best U.S University or College: 

Before selecting U.S University or College for USA study, you need to know the reputation of your shortlisted colleges. You can get the necessary information about the College of your interest by using online tools. An online tool, ‘College Navigator,’ can help you find the essential details on U.S educational departments.

College Navigator site is helpful if you want to get admission in following degrees;

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • Master or doctorates degree

Another website, College Board’s Big Future, can give you data related to the undergraduate programs. The eagle view of the ranking lists of the U.S Universities or Colleges can also help you select your next school. Among many ranking systems and platforms, you can search, a few are;

  • U.S News & World Report’s Best Colleges
  • Top Universities for International Students
  • Forbes
  • Times Higher Education
  • The Princeton Review
  •  Shore light advisor

Approach a College Advisor:

Try to contact a suitable college Advisor. College advisors are usually the higher educational entities that can help you find a reputed U.S educational institute. Such entities can help you to reach the University or College that meet your interests;

  • Academic Domain
  • Future study plans
  • Personal interests

Research by an assignment writing service shows that these days, more than 400 student advising centres are working in different countries of the world.  You can visit any U.S educational advising centre in case of any query for USA study. You can also attend the U.S future career seminars in your town. Further, you can also participate in Virtual Webinar by sitting at your home.

Selection Of Relevant Program:

If you have ever applied for a ‘Study in a U.S program’ and found difficulties selecting relevant programs, this section is for you.

  1. The first thing you have to locate from the list of different programs is to find keywords relevant to your last study program.
  2. You have to keep your major and minor subjects while selecting the relevant degree program.
  3. Many Universities in the U.S allow you to select a double major degree. In other words, you can add multiple subjects as your major, in the University online portal.
  4. If you get confused about the selection of the degree program, please do not worry. About 40 % of the students going to the U.S change their minds after arriving at the selected school. Hence, you would also get the opportunity to change your subjects.

The act of deciding on following things before getting applied can save you from many worries;

  • Whether you want to study in the private sector or public sector?
  • Whether you want to study in a top University or a Small College?
  • Which major will best suit my interest?
  • What activities (like sports) can enhance my chances of admission to the U.S University or College?
  • Do they need IELTS, GRE, SAT or not?

How To Apply For The US College Or University You Have Selected?

Once you have chosen the College and degree program, you need to fill out the online admission form. For filling the online application form, you have two options;

  • Go for the University’s official website to get USA study information.
  • Use third-party apps, the Common App or Shore light platform.
  • After reaching the online application form, submit all documents by following the university checklist.

Documents You May Need To Complete Your Application Form

All U.S universities or Colleges have different admission criteria. But still, few general things that you must have while filling online admission form are;

  • Last degree transcript
  • A proposal for further studies
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Standardize Amplitude tests (ACT or SAT)
  • Valid passport
  • English fluency test (IELTS, TOFEL, iTEP)
  • Bank transaction details

In some universities, before getting admission, your supervisor will conduct an online interview. Similarly, if you have a Sorelight partner, you must submit an SAT score and an essay.

Financial Aid:

Study at U.S College or University is costly. Most of the students cannot bear the expenses the U.S Universities. If you don’t have enough money to pay all dues, ask for your advisor’s help. Your U.S advisor can tell you the type of scholarships. You can solve your financial issues in the following ways;

  • You can apply for sports-based scholarships
  • You can go for the assistantship
  • You can go for on-campus jobs (teacher assistance, librarian or lab assistant)  
  • You can get off-campus jobs (shopkeeper, delivery man or any other)
  • If you cannot attain any scholarship, you can also apply for an International student’s loan.

Student Visa:

After deciding where to get USA study, the next step is to apply for a Student Visa.  A student can apply for only of these three types of student Visa;

  1. F-1 (you need funding from friends and family)
  2. J-1 (you can start study and work together)
  3. M-1 (allow you to study at SEVP)

After following all these steps, you can access the US College and University for higher USA study.

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