What is HP Tape Drive?

HP Tape Drive

The Riser Card is printed circuit boards that offer a motherboard for a computer the ability to add other expansion cards that can be connected into the system. HP tape drive are cards for add-in which are installed into the motherboard using an external tape drive. They are designed in a perpendicular direction to make better utilization of space. This permits expansion cards to be put in places that would not have usage for them normally.

Riser Cards are devices that don’t require additional power source. The power source is the original connector, and is it is then passed through the card by using the edge connector on either end. Data signals are sent via the same way to and from all connected devices as well as host devices.

Does riser cable affect?

There are no PCIe riser cables that do have an effect on the performance. Certain cables require external power. Make sure the power is properly installed or else it won’t function properly. Riser cables are important because it is the backbone of a building that sends audio, data or video messages. … These kinds of compounds guard the cable in preventing spreading flames as well as performance in higher temperatures. These compounds are crucial because they can provide the performance you require in specific areas.

How can you tell the differences between riser cable and Plenum cable?

Since plenum cables are constructed according to a stricter fire resistance standards than the riser cables. Therefore, plenum cabling can be more costly than riser cables. Although you can use the riser cables with plenum cabling in the “riser” space, you can’t substitute riser-rated cables with plenum rated cables in a plenum area.

What Is Plenum?

A Plenum is an area which is used for air circulation to provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is usually located between the ceiling of the structural structure as well as a drop-down ceiling. In some cases, plenum is also referring to the space beneath the floor, which is raised. Because the plenum area is a source of renewable oxygen and also distributes air in the environmental and air, the cables that are installed in this area must be more resistant to fire. The usual use for the space is to house cable for communication to the building’s telephone and computer network.

What Is Tape Drives?

A riser is different from the plenum. Risers are a vertical section that connects one floor to the next inside a structure. For example elevator shafts, conduits and elevator shafts from one floor to the next level are also all considered to be risers. Cables in risers need to also be fireproof to keep the flame from spreading up the cable. However, the requirements for fire ratings for risers are less stringent than the requirements for plenum areas.

Differences Between Plenum & Riser Cables

In the North America standard, CMR and CMP are used to refer to riser and Plenum cables. “C” and “M” are used to indicate the cable is compliant with CMR and the NEC (National Electrical Code). “R” refers to riser and “P” refers to plenum. This article will highlight the major features of riser and plenum cables in the next sections.

Plenum Cables

Plenum cables, also known as CMP cables, are typically installed in the plenum zones of structures. These cables have a plastic fire-resistant jacket. The material used for the jacket is either non-smoking polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and the fluorinated polyethylene (FEP). If the cable is exposed to an open flame, only a few poisonous fumes will be released as it melts. Plenum rated cables come with an increased fire rating for residential and commercial usage. If you require cables for air ducts, they are the most appropriate option.

Riser Cables

Riser cables, such as CMR cable, can be commonly utilized for regular networking the floor up to the ceiling in non-plenum zones. Since the demand of riser cables is less than plenum cables, they are utilized as an alternative to riser cables. However, replacing cable plenum with riser cables is not possible. Riser cables are used in residential and commercial areas, However, residential homes are more frequent.

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