What Are The Best Replacement Air Springs For An 03 Town Car?

What are the best replacement air springs for an 03 town car?

In this article, you will discover the answer to this question. Also, I will also share the following with you;

  • The factors to consider when deciding on a replacement air spring
  • Useful insights on replacing air springs.
  • Answers to some of the most asked questions on air springs replacement.

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what are the best replacement air springs for an 03 town car?

These are selected air springs at vigorairride.com that

  • Arnott Air Suspension: Arnott has two air springs products that can serve as a replacement on your 2003 town car. They are Arnott New Heavy Duty Rear Air Spring and the Arnott New Rear Air Spring. Both air springs would work for 2003 lincoln town car.

They both have a 90-day return policy and Arnott equally guarantees your money back within a 30-day period if you are unsatisfied with the products.

Another reason why Arnott air springs appear on this list is that Arnott provides useful resources that will aid the installation of the air spring by yourself so you necessarily don’t need to call a mechanic to get the job done.

It’ll also interest you to know that there’s a lifetime warranty on Arnott’s products for users in the USA and Canada.

  • Dorman air spring: Like Arnott Air, Dorman also has two products that can serve the purpose of replacing air springs in the 2003 Lincoln Town Car. One is Air Suspension Air Spring – Heavy Duty (949-270) and the other is for standard duty with product number 949-250.

Dorman air springs are designed to serve as a perfect replacement for the original Lincoln town car air spring. You never have to worry about a mismatch. They are a company in the aftermarket air spring industry since  1918, they have a limited lifetime warranty for all air springs manufactured by them.

Sneaky tip; Dorman’s warranty is not limited by location, your request would only go through a strict approval process to ensure you don’t flout any of the warranty conditions.

  • Westar: They are a growing force in the air springs category. Their air springs product are designed to meet quality standards of OEM specifications and yes, they have something for your Lincoln town car.

There is one for the Sedan as well as Limo. They equally have a return policy for their products.

This is not a perfect list, you can also do more research in the aftermarket air suspension markets.

The Factors To Consider When Deciding On An A Replacement Air Spring

You guessed right, your budget is one factor to consider. But then, the size of your budget is not the only factor worth considering.

Others are;

Your driving needs: do you commute long distances frequently or do you just drive your car to and fro work, and hang out with the guys at the nearest local bar.

Warranty: You may have to consider the warranty conditions offered by the air spring maker.

Customer reviews. Find out what others are saying about your desired product maker.

Nuggets: Do This When Replacing Your Old Air Springs With New Ones

Over the years, here are some of the lessons I have learned from swapping air springs with aftermarket air springs. To make the replacement of the air spring on your vehicle smoother and less stressful, I have compiled them here for easy find;

  • I highly recommend swapping the dryer with new ones when replacing the air springs. Failure to do this opens your air suspension compressor to damage by the moisture that has made its way into the air suspension system.
  • Usually, air spring replacement should be over in less than 2 hours. But you might find it to take longer especially if you are a newbie. Need I say you might find it a tad too difficult to handle. In such instances, it is more efficient to hire the services of a mechanic in replacing the air springs.
  • If you are swapping the air springs on your car, ensure to change the solenoid cover with new ones too.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Air Spring better than Coilover springs?

Answer: Air springs offer more comfort for the passengers of a vehicle, they are more efficient in negating the effects of loads saddled on the vehicle. So yes, I think it’s better than Coilover springs.

Question: Should I convert air springs to Coilovers?

Answer: In my opinion, it is better to continue using air springs for vehicles with air springs originally installed by the manufacturer. In most cases, you’ll less enjoy driving the vehicle on you have converted the air springs to Coilover and even if that’s not the case, you may never be able to get rid of the air spring light on the instrument cluster.

The End…

Onward, I believe you will no longer find yourself in a tight spot whenever you are confronted with the question “what are the best replacement air springs for an 03 town car?”.

Also, I have been able to share useful insights that will help you when you are on the verge of finding air springs replacement for your vehicle.

By chance, do you have questions, opinions, suggestions, or experiences swapping air springs in a Lincoln Town Car? Make use of the comment section below to air your thoughts.

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