6 Benefits of Grip Strength You Should Give a Damn About

Being a strong person you must have a stronger gift as it is essential to perform day-to-day activities. But grip strength is commonly neglected in the strength training program. It is not correct. 

Occupation therapists measure your physical strength by gripping strength as it works as the biomarker of our body. Grip strength talks so much about our body. If your grip strength is getting weak, it might be because your aging process has started, or you are suffering from low bone mineral density, and you are at potential risk of cardiovascular disease. 

In this article we will talk about the crucial benefits of having strong grip strength, also mention exercises to boost grip exercise.

Six potential benefits of having strong grip strength

Reduced Mortality risk

Having a stronger grip does not mean you are immortal but it may help you to alleviate mortality risk. According to a scientific study in 2015, there is strong coordination between grip strength and significant health benefits, including a reduced mortality risk. 

As there is a strong link between 

grip strength, bone mineral density, cardiovascular condition, and complete health. Science also proved that every 5 kilograms reduced in grip strength increase 17% of mortality risk.

Enhance the Quality of Life

If you have a strong grip it not only improves muscle strength, It also enhances the quality of life. If you enhance grip strength, your performance will be good at your gym in rope climbs and the farmer’s carry. Grip strength is essential to perform day-to-day activities including opening up a tight jar, caring for grocery items, and holding your baby tightly. As grip strength is directly linked with muscular strength, it allows you to unscrew the tight lid, release the tire, put your shoes on, and so many other things. Doing grip strength exercise is very important as with aging our muscle strength gets reduced, consequently grip strength also reduces. Reduced grip strength is the forecast of poor cognitive behavior, inappropriate functional mobility, and reduced mental-physical coordination.

Predictor of Cardiovascular Condition

A strong heart is necessary to have a healthy long life. Do you know regular exercise is highly efficient to boost your heart function and reduce the risk of cardiac arrest? As per the research study performed by the scientist with 140000 patients with diversified backgrounds, shaking grip reflects the poor heart condition, they often die from cardiac arrest due to heart blockage. The result is consistent irrespective of age and gender.

Lift Heavier Weights

You can lift heavy weights if you have a stronger grip. It is undoubtedly said, firmer grip allows you to lift heavy weight during exercises like the power clean, barbell row, deadlift. A scientific review was performed in 2014 to measure grip force production and wrist function; also explain how the muscles in the forearm and fingers perform in their scientific study. They run this test with 7 males and three females of age 25 years. They were tested with a barbell-stimulating apparatus with consecutive increasing and the decreasing size. The grip strength of the subject was reduced by 25% over time. This experiment proved that having more grip strength means an individual needs less power to move an apparatus.

It means if a person has strong grip strength, then he requires less force to move an object, thus he may add heavier weight plates to his barbell

Increase Endurance Level on the Pull-Up Bar

You will get frustrated if you have weak grip strength and it bothers you while performing toes-to-bar, pull-ups, and any other exercise that demands you to hang from a pull-up bar. If you want to hang from a pull-up bar, you need the active muscle of lats. Shoulders, traps, wrist. You need more muscle strength when you need to lift more weight. Moreover, these muscles do not mean anything if your hand grip is not steady. To hang on.

Grip force turns up when the muscle of your hand and fingers get activated. If you practice handgrip exercise, it not only enhances the grasping capacity but also boosts the ability to grip more for an elongated period.

Improve sports performance

As we previously said, grip strength is directly linked with muscle strength and entire athletic performance. A study has been performed in 2017 with 50 sportsmen and 50 sedentary adults of age between 18 to 25 years and made a comparison of their grip strength. The study reviewed that the athletes of tennis players, basketball players, rock climbers, baseball players have stronger grip strength than sedentary participants and the reverse is true that good athletes must have strong grip strength.

A more grounded grip is useful for sports, for example, tennis, and baseball since it can withstand more power when a ball hits the racket or bat. Ballplayers can handle their spill better, and rock climbers may not exclusively have the option to move for longer periods however have the option to get a handle on more modest surfaces with a better grip

For increasing gripping strength, you can buy Grip strength equipment, and practice deadlift, and farmer carries at home, or go into the gym for professional guidance. Opt according to your choice, but do whatever you wish to boost your grasping ability. As it will improve your overall muscle and heart condition.

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