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Shower Bath- A Great Way to Modernize Your Bathroom

A shower bath is a great option for all types of bathrooms as these offers the dual utility of bath and shower in a single unit. Due to such practicality where you can enjoy both amenities for the price of one, these are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Baths have been an integral part of bathrooms for thousands of years. These are not just fixture that help us clean but also offer time to relax and rejuvenate.  

Over time, there are many innovations introduced in the shapes and materials of these fixtures. Due to the use of plastic and acrylic, these have become affordable in the last few decades. So many people started installing it in their bathrooms. However, a shower is another thing that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people quickly adopted it as they feel it is an easier and quicker way to get fresh before going to work in the morning. So, since bathtubs required extra space, many people started replacing baths with showers. Although people enjoyed a bath and most of these were in favour of both shower and bath. However, due to lack of space, it was not possible. 

The Innovation of Shower Bath

Shower Bath

The manufacturers soon realized the homeowners were short of space but wanted to have both amenities. It was what led to the innovation of shower baths. A combo bathtub that is also suitable to use as a bath. That made it possible for the people to enjoy both with better management of available space too. 

The Design of Shower Bath

The shower bath has some variations in shape in comparison to a standard bath. These tend to have more depth and width as well. On such bathtubs, you can fix the showerhead and enjoy the shower as per your requirements. There are two main or popular types of baths in terms of shape are l shaped and p shaped baths. Such a shape facilitates an even more spacious shower experience. You can even use a shower screen to give it a perfect look. 

The Aesthetics of Shower Bath

Although, shower baths are available in different shapes, which are helpful in creating a different look. For example, a straight bath will be a bit smaller in size and will look great in its own way, especially when you use it with the shower screen. These are mostly suitable for smaller spaces. However, you can create an even more aesthetically pleasing look with l or p shape bathtubs. Most of these will complement the contemporary look. However, you can equally use them for traditional or classic looks as well. One thing that you should keep in mind here is that freestanding bathtubs are a better option for a luxurious, traditional, or classic fee. 

The Installation

The ease of installation is an important matter for your new shower bath tub UK. The good thing is that these bathtubs are no different from other or standard baths. However, if you are replacing an existing one, then you should probably need to check whether you have enough space available for the adjustment. It can be especially a problem when you are looking for a different shape than the earlier. In a new bathroom, however, there is flexibility to keep enough space for any such installation. 

The Budget

The overall cost of the installation is an important matter, perhaps, the decisive one for most of us. The unit price generally depends on the material and design of the baths. These are available in various materials like wood, metal, plastic, and acrylic. Nowadays, the most economical option is acrylic. It is becoming popular due to its good quality and good price that is affordable for most of us. If you are looking for a durable yet economical choice, then an acrylic bathtub that costs around £200 to £300. 

Are You Looking for Perfect Shower Bath UK?

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