Redesigned and frankly neater, Google TV is updated with ‘Highlights’ and much more

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Though Google TV and Android TV are virtually the identical, little by little we see some greater than seen variations, as has occurred immediately when deployed the redesign of the app with some nice additional, resembling that ‘Featured’ space.

Google TV is redesigned

Through 9to5Google we have now the screenshots of the brand new redesign of Google TV, which proper now could be being deployed for the good thing about all customers who take pleasure in their expertise to have free TV channels, or all streaming providers from the identical area.

At first what issues is the new feed or information supply which has been known as Featured. Alternatively, we now have a brand new Residence tab which is now known as ‘For you’ and thus occupies the second place within the backside bar.

google tv


google tv


However actually what you have modified in these tabs is the disappearance of “Motion pictures” and “Collection” though if we scroll down they seem once more in an effort to reap the benefits of their expertise.

Now the subsequent tab is ‘Store’ and it has its significance, since it’s linked to the immediate disappearance of the Motion pictures and TV app from the Google Play Retailer, so it’s a matter of time earlier than it’s used increasingly more by customers.

Extra adjustments with Highlights

Updated Google TV

updated google tv

The Free Android

There are two tabs that have been completely merged so that we no longer see them: Library and Watchlist or list to see. Now they take the name of your things or something related in order to have the content that we will rent or buy from the Store tab.

But, and returning to Featured , it is the great novelty of the Google TV update that is responsible for letting you know about YouTube videos, news, reviews and another series of articles or pieces of interest to the user related, of course, to movies or TV sequence.

That's how it is without being updated

That’s how it is without being updated

The Free Android

In fact, it will be possible to like or not the articles that seem to be linked to those that we have open from the personalized tabs of Chrome, but in this case we will have to confirm it when we have the new version at hand.

The version to receive all the news from Google TV isĀ  4.32.50 and it is being rolled out right now to the Google Play Retailer. Go through it to test them or wait for the activation from the server side as it happens on many occasions; as it happens to us already updated, but without the news (the icons are still different too).