The Google keyboard, Gboard, is the most comfortable place to have your address, ID and other data

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Over time I’ve realized that there are makes use of of cell phones that, with out being removed from well-known, could be helpful to most individuals who use their telephones. Considered one of them is the Gboard clipboard, which typically offers us issues, which permits us to have in a single place knowledge that we have to ship comparatively ceaselessly.

On this means, we don’t rely upon exterior purposes or sheets of paper that we don’t at all times carry with us. Thus, we are able to paste that info straight into the applying that we’d like, at all times from the identical place, no matter whether or not we’re in Gmail, WhatsApp or one other app.

What to make use of the Gboard clipboard for

The operation of this clipboard is just like that of Home windows. That’s, we are able to copy and paste any textual content aspect from the system and paste it into the applying that we’re writing.



However the greatest benefit of Gboard is that it permits us to pin sure components in order that they’re at all times there. And that applies to after we change cell. In different phrases, if we now have a number of components on a cell and we alter it as a result of it breaks or we lose it, we will even have that knowledge there, since it’s synchronized with our Gmail account.

use the Gboard clipboard

To make use of this part of the keyboard we merely have to repeat a textual content that we need to save. Once we do it we go to the keyboard part with the paper sheet iconwhich is the clipboard.

Si pulsamos accederemos al portapapeles con sus funciones propias. Entre ellas está la opción de fijar un elemento, lo que nos permite tenerlo siempre disponible.

Para ello hemos de pulsar en el icono del lápiz, y seleccionar el que queramos fijar. Cuando lo hagamos pulsamos en el icono de la chincheta y se quedarán guardados para siempre.



Podemos eliminar elementos siguiendo el procedimiento inverso. Además, podemos fijar imágenes, lo que es útil si nos piden muchas veces por ejemplo una fotografía propia, o una imagen del DNI (en este caso mejor poner una con algunos datos difuminados salvo si es para enviarla a algún organismo gubernamental).

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